Library AwardReading.  Books, graphic novels, comics, ebooks, websites, blogs, cereal packets.  It doesn’t matter what you read, as long as you enjoy it.

The library allows you to borrow up to 2 books at a time for up to three weeks.  To find out what books are available, you can check the library catalogue here –

West Lothian Libraries catalogue

For great lists of books to read, plus fab reviews and more:

Scottish Book Trust

Book Trust

Books, Teens and Magazines

Goodreads for children

Goodreads for young adults

A Book and a Hug

Fantastic Fiction

Remember that books can be requested (if available) from ANY library in West Lothian.

How to choose a book

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Read everything by your favourite author and don’t know what to read next?  Try:

Literature map


Want to keep up to date with books in a series?  Have a look at: